Palazzo delle Arti Napoli

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Via dei Mille, 60, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone : 📞 +98798
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City : Napoli
Description : Multi-floored museum showcasing contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs & other art forms.

Via dei Mille, 60, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy
Fernanda Burgos on Google

Located in a nice part of the city, I had the opportunity to visit the palazzo holding an interesting exhibition /retrospective of Escher with around 200 of his works, which I highly recommend. It will be held until April 2019.
Melvin Ramos-Yambó on Google

Art museum with rotating exhibitions from international artist. Well organized and with information related to the artist presented in English en the Italian language.
Dario Copellino on Google

Pan - Palazzo delle arti a Napoli. Bansky and post street art. The exhibition is quite disappointing due to very few works shown. I don't think it is worth the ticket price. What a shame profiting of artists' works without offering a wider perspective of the main artist. Why entitling after Banksy the whole exhibition when there are also other artists' works involved on the show, such as Savethewall, Mr Brainwash and Obey. I didn't noticed the Naples Banksy's presence either.....mmmhhh!
Monica Ditta on Google

This is a great museum in the beautiful Napoli. We came here to see the MC Escher expo and it did not disappoint. The staff is very friendly at helpful. The bathrooms are clean, just like the rest of the museum. I suggest if you plan on coming here and having the audio-guide option, you bring your own headphones, otherwise you need to hold the device to your ear like a tekephone and it gets tiring, and it's uncomfortable if you want to take pictures, etc. Parkinv is a pain so if possible, take public transportation.
BMN Russo on Google

One of the key places in Naples if u love modern art. I have been there a couple of times over the last 6/9 months, to see Escher first, and then Joan Miró. Both exhibitions were very well arranged and provided a comprehensive overview of both artists. Specifically, I found out something I didn't know about Miró, e.g. that his very peculiar artistic expressions, were not limited just to canvas, that sometimes he liked to burn to create "special effects", but also to collage, technique where he utilized the most different materials. The exhibition should still be on through February I guess, so please go see it, it's worth the money. I also enjoyed Escher, but the fact that I had already seen him years before at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, didn't give me the same magic as with Miró. Currently, besides Miró, they also have a Banksy and more artists on display, in case u, like me, enjoy street art. I'm giving 4 stars rather than 5 because 1) differently than in the past, either time I went over the last year, payment by ATM or credit card wasn't allowed, and 2) I would definitely recommend opening up a coffee bar in the lobby, where people could sit down and relax after visiting the different art exhibitions.
Davide Yang on Google

The immersive artistic style is very memorable, and has been visited by many friends, but I still want to visit again. Every time I have different harvests and sentiments, the best modern art museum will be updated every month. Artwork, each month will have different harvests
Peko Ainslie on Google

The place is a bit shabby. The exhibition is small but good though.
m fry on Google

Only traveling exhibitions at this museum so varies on the quality of art but I have been to many unique offerings here and if current show is of interest to you then I would recommend checking it out usually worth the ticket price and very immersive multi media experience and in a classic bourbon era palace over all a one on a lifetime experience that is simple to enjoy

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