Naples National Archaeological Museum

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Piazza Museo, 19, 80135 Napoli NA, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +989
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City : Napoli
Description : Converted 17th-century palace & museum, home to prehistoric artifacts, coins & ancient works of art.

Piazza Museo, 19, 80135 Napoli NA, Italy
Martijn Huysmans on Google

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They have great pieces. But the gabinetto secreto (erotic stuff from Pompeii) has very restricted opening hours, so make sure to check those out in advance. The museum is very big but for reasons beyond me you don't get a map and there seem to be no map dispensers anywhere. Try to check out online which collections you want to see and how to get there inside of the museum.
Terry Husher on Google

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Superb, well set our museum with many of treasures from Pompeii and around. So much to see. The collections are beyond expectations and the setting itself is amazing.
Jerry Smith on Google

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A wonderful addition to a visit to Pompeii and Herculaneum. Many of the treasures of these sites are housed here. Statuary, frescos, mosaics, and more. It is a large museum and well worth a visit.
Richard Levy on Google

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If you have an interest in Roman sculpture and mosaics than you must visit the National Archaeological Museum. The variety and scale of the work shown can not be found in any other museum in the world. Many of the pieces were in first discovered in Rome during the Renaissance and now are on display at this museum. I would suggest if possible you reserve several hours for this museum. Special exhibits as the one on Roman gladiators will even interest the younger members of your family.
Evelyn JΓ΅gi on Google

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Great experience for the families with teenagers. However, seems that the museum building waiting for the budget to be allocated for the renovation. Keep in mind that museum does not have heating. Wearing your outdoor clothes is a good idea:)
Olivia C on Google

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Nice museum with a variety of displays. The highlights are the mosaics and the statues. However some displays were closed for renovations and the building itself could do with renovations as well. Tickets are €15 for a single or €26 for a group of two and can be bought from the ticket office. EU student discount is also available.
Mike Shanker on Google

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When you come to Naples this is one of the most see places. What are the Collections themselves are extremely impressive the palace that houses it surpasses even the Louvre. Take your time as you walk through history and see the most impressive Roman and Greek artifacts in the world. Rainy days should make you excited to see this is exquisite museum. Enjoy you time and have a drink at this museum as you see the ancient world.
Alexei Marshakov on Google

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An amazing museum, which contains ancient roman statues, artifacts from Greek settlements in the South of Italy and a ton of frescoes from Pompeii. Frescoes are truly amazing (including the erotic ones) and give you a very different perspective on the ancient life. If you want to learn about history this museum is an absolute must see when in Naples

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