Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri

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Via Duomo, 288, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy

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City : Napoli
Description : Renaissance palace with artworks, coins & books collected by Gaetano Filangieri, prince of Satriano.

Via Duomo, 288, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy
giuseppe d'Elia on Google

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Il museo privato Gaetano Filangieri Γ¨ nel cuore di Napoli, all'inizio di via Duomo, a quattro passi da piazza Nicola Amore, all'interno del quattrocentesco palazzo Como. Al suo interno si possono ammirare bellissime collezioni di armi, armature, ceramiche, libri, sculture e dipinti. Tra i capolavori presenti, vi segnalo il San Giovanni Battista e la Santa Maria Egiziaca del de Ribera. Visita consigliata
The private museum Gaetano Filangieri is in the heart of Naples, at the beginning of via Duomo, a stone's throw from Piazza Nicola Amore, inside the fifteenth-century Palazzo Como. Inside you can admire beautiful collections of weapons, armor, ceramics, books, sculptures and paintings. Among the masterpieces present, I point out the San Giovanni Battista and Santa Maria Egiziaca by de Ribera. Recommended visit
Matteo Sanna on Google

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Wonderful trip
Vincenzo Lo Presti on Google

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Simply fantastic!!
Oleg Naumov on Google

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Excellent museum where you are going to find fine art, arms and armor and many other things. You have to buy a ticket to get in. Visitors are allowed to take non commercial photo without flash light.
m fry on Google

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Ben Franklin's constructional bud
Saul Edwards on Google

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You will only find this interesting if you REALLY like porcelain or weapons from the 17th and 18th centuries.
Fo Nocerino on Google

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Benjamin Franklin asked Gaetano Filangieri (Neapolitan Jurist) for help in writing the American Constitution. The manuscript draft of the American constitution Is stored in this marvellous Museum, together with the correspondence between the two. True Neapolitan pride, a visit Is highly recommended
Antonello Mirone on Google

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Excellent museum, amazing pieces but a lack of staff and facilities. The museum has a collection of all life pieces of Gaetano filangieri, cherry on top of the cake is his office with letter written back and forth to the United States and Benjamin Franklin himself. On top of that extravagant pieces from all over the world, as expected by an art collector and a man of taste. Less impressed by a lack of staff, any international writing to help tourists and bad kept toilets. I'm also astonished by a room full of computers and loose electrical wires just behind the Filangieri's desk. Does health and safety ring a bell in a such humid and hot weather? As an italian myself and from Napoli, I'm proud of this museum, but we can do better. Hopefully at my next visit something will be done.

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