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21010 Ferno VA, Italy

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 21010
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City : Ferno
Description : One of the world's oldest sites of continuous aviation hosting international & domestic flights.

21010 Ferno VA, Italy
Ali Tavakol on Google

Passport control is unbelievable, i was waiting over 3 hours in order to get to passport control, most of the services in airports were not available, all the shops didn’t have sim kart to sell !! Very surprising bad experience
Vissarion Mema on Google

The airport has a very smart layout, so it was easy to find the check-in area and the gates. The employee were very friendly and helpful and made the whole experience more enjoyable. In the airport there were a lot of people but the nice layout made it seem like it was not crowded. The waiting times were normal. Overall very nice, but still not perfect.
CP123 on Google

Mal - Ill as in illness, alternative transactions are ache and evil Pensa - think Pretty much the direct translation of the name of this airport should tell you everything you need to know but let me tell you about my experience so that I can cement the name in your mind as to why this airport is the worst excuse of an “international” airport in the free world. We arrived early at 11:00 for our British Airways flight at 16:00. BA had other flights at 14:30 and 15:00. There was a huge queue including the pilots waiting for the check in agents to arrive. I’ve even included a photo for you perusal. The agents finally got there at 12:00. We tried to check in but we’re told that we’d have to come back at 13:20 to drop our bags off. The woman explained that British Airways used a baggage company that didn’t have the capacity to accept bags being checked in earlier. We waited around and then went back at 13:20 only to have to wait around again to check in our bag. That took another 15 minutes but not after the check in agent scolded us about the types of masks we were wearing. Then we went through security where the queues were infinitely long. Then, a few miles down from there we finally went through customs. The wonderful woman at customs would only accept my daughter and myself. She made my partner go to another customs agent because he and I weren’t married. Considering that other airports like Heathrow, Changi, etc allow you to check in your bags the day before departure, having a lead of 2 1/2 hours is ridiculously short. Staff and attitudes can be greatly improved. The airport falls far short as an international airport and is an embarrassment in a country that prides itself on being design leaders. Let’s hope the new terminal is better.
Ovidiu B on Google

Malpensa Airport is the biggest Milan’s airport. Well connected to the city by train, even if it takes around 45 minutes to arrive here. Well organized, quite clean and lots of stores and restaurants, all these makes Malpensa a very convenient airport. Take enough time to arrive at the gates because the distances are pretty long. Also, many lounges are inside the T1 which is also the most transited terminal. There are a few smoking places also.
Kristóf Kovács on Google

They didn’t take any effort to inform the passengers about the covid rules, but if you don’t have what they actually want you can not fly. It’s a shame. The information spot is closed before schedule. They gives you really bad services for your money. Lot’s of people had to sleep in the airport because of the lack of information.
underwatch on Google

This airport needs a renovation desperately. Everything is falling apart, staff don’t know where and how to guide people, I asked about tax free counter several workers and each worker confirmed to me different location. I ended up in terminal B and in terminal B there is to tax free counter anywhere. I asked in customs where to go and I asked for guidance, and guy inside was so busy with doing nothing that he just told me that I had to go upstairs to the lounge and asked there, I never felt so degraded with some ridiculous advices. When I came back to the same guy he told me to ask information counter but there is no information counter in terminal B. Then he told me to go to police and asked and policeman looked at me like I’m idiot when I asked for guidance. I spent in that ping pong format almost 1 hour and every time when I came back the customs guy became more and more unpleasant, rude and disrespectful. Honestly he did not deserve his job, he should be isolated from other human beings.
Nikolai Sandved on Google

Clean nice airport. Everything closes early, so you will not find much here after 22 in the evening outside of the gates
Dario Zampini on Google

I landed here so my review will not include security check, restaurant, shops etc.. I just had a bit of troubles finding the train area. To get to Milan. People supported on the vending machines, that was great!

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