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Via Galileo Ferraris, 131, 80142 Napoli NA, Italy

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City : Napoli

Via Galileo Ferraris, 131, 80142 Napoli NA, Italy
Iman Sadeghi on Google

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One of the worst places on the planet to spend your time. One of the worst immigration offices. Awful organization, aweful staff, aweful bureaucracy
Desi Monda123 on Google

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Very very very bad immigration office. They never give response .never solve problem. They don't have nothing humanity. My wife is Italian and 2 years passed away that they don't solve our problem. Me and my wife much tired with napoli qastura .please nobody come in napoli for Resident permit.
Fitri Barletta on Google

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I have been waiting my resident permit for almost 10 months and still not ready, And going there 3 times but keep telling me to come on another date which is result nothing I have been calling many times but no one give response... This is so bad
As Roma on Google

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It is amazing how they do this, every time it's getting worse? So basicly this happens, you earn the right for permesso, they give you a useles one for 6 months validity, you earn your right for a permesso for 5 years, and you go there to take the permesso wich belongs to you by every right in planet, and you ask for apointment, they make it, but they make it 9 months after, so you wait, you cant take a house for rent, you cant have a job because you are waiting for permesso in hand, while months pass from september to may, they say that the office will be opened at 04-05-2020, you get prepared you go there, and all is closed, and a guard is threatening people go away or i will put you a fine of 500 euro, and then a police car comes to "speak with people" and they say we dont know when we open, but check on the tv on the news, and then they make a new date of opening, 18 may 2020, you get prepared, all papers in order, you buy a marca di bollo 16 euro, and you reach there, trying to find a parking place a group of police officers in the front, 2 military, and some people workers of the questura with normal clothes, and there it is... the gorilla. it is a monkey kind 50 meters away screaming to people, goo back, go home, we open at 16 june, i came near him to see because i thought how can mateo salvini come to work in this questura? but no its another guy, i felt happy but in the same time disappointed, more than 100 people came one by one, all the words said were go home go home, the email is useless to use, the information is not valid at all, the phone number you call no one answers, but they put you a music, at least change that kind of music put one more better like ed sheran. i lost one year of my rights to have a residence, i could have worked all this year normally, i would had everything in order, but no, its impossible, because even at 16 june if i will make a new appointment, will need to wait else 4-5 months to renew the permeso, and when you renew it will need minimum 8 months to have the permesso in hand, its fabulous, 8 months to print a card, avoid this questura, the questura in caserta its 1000 times better, its a disgrace, filthy place, ignorant workers, i know we are strangers but i wish them if they come in our homecontries to be faced with racism, bad words, fines and every bad thing wich can happen to a person to happen to this workers, i hope all the salary you take there to have to buy it all medicine for yourselfs... and they even dont know english so i will need to write this even in italian
Brian Dimor on Google

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Today we went to immigration office and we had a very bad experience. The Italian police officers were very helpful but there was a SRILANKAN guy (short man ) who doesn't help srilankan people. He's trying to pretend that he doesn't speak SRILANKAN but I don't why he act like that. From the Italian government place him there to help SRILANKAN people. I think this useless short man better to fire rather than keep. Such a bad attitude and very unprofessional. Hope higher management will see this feedback and terminate this bad short man from this respectable place.
hossein icee on Google

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please forget napels as a study destination because you must come here in order to get your permission of stay , so anyone who see this comment i beg you to forget about living in napoli for any purpose

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Unprofessional police man who is shouting to the person who is asking what to do. The girl was nicely and politely asking but the staff are too rude.
Marcus Santiago on Google

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Italy outta be embarrassed by this office. Your hardly a European country with this level of service.

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