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80137 Napoli NA, Italy

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City : Napoli

80137 Napoli NA, Italy
Ugo Mignone on Google

Pasticceria mignone fondata nel 2000 nel cuore di Napoli pasticceria artigianale gestita dalla famiglia mignone.
Pasticceria mignone founded in 2000 in the heart of Naples artisan pastry shop managed by the mignone family.
Michele Personal Trainer on Google

Nome diverso piazza perfetta
Different name perfect square
Мита Головко on Google

Италия это всегда интересно, яркая и мной любимая страна! Но сейчас много мусора вижу по городу..., за ночь не успевают убирать даже.
Italy is always interesting, bright and my beloved country! But now I see a lot of garbage in the city ... they don't even have time to clean it up during the night.
Rosa Franco Mendoza on Google

Metro de Napoli cerca de una de las zonas mas emblematica de Napoli #rosafrancomendoza #LetsGuide
Napoli Metro near one of the most emblematic areas of Napoli #rosafrancomendoza #LetsGuide
gianluca giovenco on Google

Come stazione è abbastanza insicura, non so a livello di protezione cosa offre ma essendo in una piazza trafficata da chiunque, non mi sento molto sicuro ad entrare in questa stazione. Bisognerebbe ristrutturarla per via dell'età che ha e degli sporchi graffiti che gli idioti fanno sulle mura. Comunque allego delle foto degli esterni, valutate voi in che stato sia. grazie
As a station it is quite insecure, I don't know in terms of protection what it offers but being in a busy square, I don't feel very safe to enter this station. It should be restored due to its age and the dirty graffiti that idiots make on the walls. Anyway I attach some photos of the exteriors, you evaluate in what state it is. thank you
Brayan Cooray on Google

Evgenia S on Google

As dirty as any other station of line 2. It's next to the marvellous archaeological museum
Pancasatya Agastra on Google

This station is....interesting. Sometimes you need a ticket, sometimes you don't. It's like an adventure train station. If you don't have a ticket and there's a strike, the officer is kind enough to let you go.

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