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Via Francesco Londonio, 22, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +988
Website : http://www.capuanos.it/
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City : Milano
Description : Casual venue specializing in wood-fired pizza, plus shared plates, gluten-free options & drinks.

Via Francesco Londonio, 22, 20154 Milano MI, Italy
Linn Muso on Google

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Delicious food!!! Best pizza in Milan. I'll definitely be back
Marine Roger on Google

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Really nice restaurant with open pizza stand. The pizza are good, the staff is welcoming, correct price (cutlery 2€), the tiramisu was good but a bit too chocolate for me.
Jasmin Roch on Google

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Delicious pizza. I had a Marinara and it was tasty. The dough was nice and the sauce fruity and aromatic. Also it doesn't take long until you get your pizza after ordering.
Cristiano Consorte on Google

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Due to a misunderstanding, we arrived at 8,30 pm with no reservation (a group of six people). We decided to confirm our presence and queue according waitress’ suggestion. After our wait, waitress communicated us that table was ready and in few minutes we could sit. After more than 20min of further wait and other group of six people (arrived later) sit, we tried to contact a waitress in order to find a solution. None even tried to pay us attention or find a solution despite our tries to contact someone. After 10 pm, we decided to find a different place to have our dinner. What a pity!
Claudio Castellano on Google

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Great Pizza in Milan, probably one of the best one done following the true Napoli style. You can choose among the traditional pizzas and some modern propositions. Moreover this pizzeria serves also high quality starters with typical fries pizzas and good desserts from Napoli like a very good BabΓ . Good staff, quick service and right price. Recommanded if you would like to try the real pizza from Napoli in Milan.
Alex Roe on Google

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Good, tasty and very well presented Neapolitan style pizza. Beer was served in an ice bucket to keep it cool when sitting outside in the heat. A nice touch. Service friendly.
david samy on Google

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Came here whilst on holiday. Had the calzone and it was fantastic. The dough was like nothing I had before, so much flavour and texture. Fast service, good prices, great flavours.
Irina D on Google

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Very good & big pizza! :) Ordered it from the Glovo App. Arrived in approx. 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it was cold, that's why I've taken a star. I do recommend this place, tho. Fresh and tasty ingredients. ?

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