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Via Medina, 5, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy

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City : Napoli

Via Medina, 5, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy
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Pessima esperienza. Vodafone ha assegnato loro una conciliazione paritetica e, non essendo io loro associato ma essendo loro obbligati a trattare per mio conto questa conciliazione, non hanno mai risposto alle mie mail o telefonate per discutere della stessa.
Bad experience. Vodafone assigned them a joint conciliation and, not being an associate of them but being obliged to negotiate this conciliation on my behalf, they never replied to my emails or phone calls to discuss it.
Lampuki on Google

Viene a ser como una asociación de defensa del consumidor, ya que aquí no existen las hojas de reclamaciones. En esta asociación te pueden orientar en caso de que tengas algún problema, quieras hacer algún tipo de reclamación, pero ya te explico que es totalmente diferente a como lo entendemos en España. A mí me atendieron estupendamente y me orientaron muy bien.
It comes to be like an association for the defense of the consumer, since here there are no complaint forms. In this association they can guide you in case you have a problem, want to make some kind of claim, but I already explained that it is totally different from how we understand it in Spain. They took great care of me and guided me very well.

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