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Via Abbadesse, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +997
Website : http://www.testina.eu/
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City : Milano
Description : Reinvented Milanese cuisine, plus seasonal specials & a long wine list, in a timber-beamed space.

Via Abbadesse, 19, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Mar L. on Google

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OKish Milanese restaurant. Menu is not very long, service is nice enough but it takes long to get your food. Atmosphere is cozy enough, dishes are not memorable.
Daniel Fernandez Garcia on Google

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Incredible restaurant, very good service and amazing food! We had pappardelle and ossobuco, and it was the best, ever! Brilliant staff as well!
Simone Luciani on Google

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It's a decent restaurant. I come here on my lunch break when I'm in Milan. I tried a few times Pasta and Risotto. They never impressed me for taste, but the food is ok. Good service and fast, which for a lunch break is really important.
Pascal Martin on Google

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The place looks good, a bit of tradition presented in modern way. The menu is reasonably diverse with quite a bit of local specialities. And most important I’ve had very good food and generous portions. Service was fast and friendly. The place can get a bit loud.
Joe on Google

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Overall very good, but unfortunately slower to service than makes sense. Understanding that there's a culture of long meals, taking your time, conversing, at a certain point that doesn't justify the wait... such as when the drinks are empty and the food has been cleared, and a server can't be found either to request the check or order dessert or another bottle of wine.
Giulia Sogaro on Google

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The atmosphere is a mix between real "osteria milanese" and modern restaurant. I really like it. The dishes are delicious and the wine is good. The value for money is great. I would strongly recommend it. I will definitely be back.
Marco Rossoni on Google

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Interiors are clean and airy. There is quite wide space among the tables, so you can have your own privacy. The staff is very kind and willing. The quality of the food is high and also the quantity is fine. Very good selection of wines: you can take just a glass or the full bottle as well. The dinner is a good value for the money.
Tiziana Romano on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The risottos where great. We had risotto Milanese and risotto pumpkin and liquirice absolutely fantastic. We order the cotoletta alla milanese that was ok but nothing special. Unfortunately, the service was really slow and not efficient.

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