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Corso Garibaldi, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +98789
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City : Milano
Description : Warm, cozy restaurant specializing in veal cutlets coated in breadcrumbs & fried in butter.

Corso Garibaldi, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Yury Kovshov on Google

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It feels like price vs quality/taste doesn’t match
Katerina on Google

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I wanted to try a classic cotolette Milanese but it wasn’t good. I took the one with the potatoes. For 3 persons 55 euros
Giuseppe Laudadio on Google

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One of the best Cotoletta I’ve ever had! Strategic location close to the Lanza metro station. Service was also good and very fast. Highly recommended!
Carolina Yugsi on Google

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All great. Due to the covid they measured our temperature and made us fill out a paper with the data of one of us. They have adapted well with security apart from the waiters were very friendly.
Men Des on Google

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Good price, with possibility to have a cotolette accompanied by a risotto. In addition you have a side to your dish, I recommend to take the grilled vegetables as it is already a lot in your plate. I was not able to eat for the rest of the day
Labotsirc Sele on Google

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To try a Milanesa without been completely surrounded by a lot of people, tourists” (including me) and fast service this is for you, the food is really good and prices kind of fair. However i feel the service could be nicer and the restaurant cleaner.
Ilinca Urmuzache on Google

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Great place, close to the center/Duomo (about 10 minutes). I highly recommend it. The staff is friendly and the food has reasonable prices. Will definitely return on my next visit in Milan.
Carles Hidalgo on Google

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This is a MUST while in Milano. The best Cotolette you can try. The basic Cotolette starts at 10€ with the option to add Risotto alla Milanese (+4€). Then, there are other β€œtoppings” and complements you can add to the Cotolette. During Weekends, prices increase up to 15€ the basic Cotolette. I’d recommend to try the Tirolese Cotolette with Risotto and Grilled Vegetables. (See picture, price starts from 17€ +4€ on Sundays) IMPORTANT: Dishes are GENEROUS, so it’s perfect to share if you wish. In the attached picture, you can see they separate the food from the kitchen already.

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