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Via Achille, 4, 20152 Milano MI, Italy

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City : Milano

Via Achille, 4, 20152 Milano MI, Italy
chris harper on Google

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Good burger joint with lots of American style food options, staff were amazing and friendly. We arrived on a Sunday at around 130pm. With in the hour got very busy, I mean that must always be a good sign, if it's a good place to go.
Rohan Vangal on Google

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The restaurant is bursting with American memorabilia and a good attempt at recreating the American diner experience. Service is decent. The restaurant serves quite a few vegan and vegetarian dishes in addition to the more classic hamburgers. I cannot say much for the food as I'm vegetarian and the sandwich I had was not all that wonderful. A nice dining experience.
david wallace on Google

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Was disappointing ate in one in cattolica few years back and it was excellent, but these are nowhere near the quality it should be
Kristina on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

We highly do not recommend visiting β€œAmerica Graffiti”. Not going to lie, it is not because of the food served, but because of the service, behavior of the staff. We were treated in such a manner that we had no words to say. First of all, the waiter (blonde guy) could not wait until we order and started teaching us how to do it even though we were still deciding what to choose. Then, we ordered more dishes and this member of staff pretended that he wrote our second order, and we were waiting the next 30-40 minutes until we decided to ask how long we should the burgers to be prepared. He just forgot or decided not to pay attention to us because of not knowing how to deal with clients correctly. In a conclusion, only one burger out of two was served, so we decided to remind the waiter about our desire to be served with a second dish. He was asked to make us a vegan burger, which is the only one on this menu. Most probably, he decided to find fault and started saying β€œthe actual name of the burger”. The most incredible thing about this situation that shocked us was the fact that he started swearing at us (like β€œPorco d…”). All of us can make a clear conclusion that it is not normal to behave in this way with customers of the restaurants. It was extremely unprofessional. However, it was not the end of this comedy. After sitting and waiting for our orders in this β€œcircus” we finally made a decision to pay and go. We were told by this waiter that we could not pay separately (we were 10, so it is unreal to ask one to pay for everything), although we were asked if we wanted to pay together or separately. Consequently, it is extremely easy to understand that there was an option to pay separately. What is more, another member of staff told us that there is no problem with paying separately. Fortunately, we were able to pay separately, but you cannot imagine how much effort we had to make to do this! On top of the cake was that he was indignant that we were paying for a long time and discussed us in front of us, although it was, he who tried to put up roadblocks. In a word, these situations disappointed us and ruined our time at the establishment when we just wanted to relax with friends. I hope that the administration of the restaurant will consider this comment and conduct an educational conversation with staff, or else.
Dan Bassett on Google

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Good shakes and decent burgers. Probably a little pricey for what you're getting, but still a pretty cool atmosphere. Buoni i milkshake e hamburger decenti. Un po' caro per la qualitΓ , ma comunque un atmosfera divertente.
Andre Francavilla on Google

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Amazing amount of food for the price, but choose the Chianina meat. It's waaaay better tasting and better cooked, because the regular burger meat is overly cooked while the Chianina was nice and juicy (medium-rare, more medium than rare) Will come back here again
Marietta C on Google

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This cool spot says American Diner all over it. If you're in Milan and a little nostalgic of America or if you just want to experience the "American" experience, this is the spot to go to! Milk shakes bring all the boys to the..table! No, but really, their milkshakes are to die for and probably only one of the few spots they make them at Milan. From burgers to burritos, spaghetti and meat balls to Mac and cheese, ribs to veggie burgers. They've got it all! The best part is everyone can find something to eat in their wide variety menu. ***Vegetarian and vegan friendly*** When you walk in, immediately you're eyes get lost with all the cool stuff on the walls and awesome decoration. You seriously feel like you walked into a diner from the 50's. This place is big enough for groups and you may make reservations ahead of time! Everything is made fresh to order and the food is pretty good! Definitely a place to go to in Milan near the San Siro stadium!
Dennis Bicu on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Very nice place and atmosphere. The food was good and they are also pet-friendly. Kind staff, as well.

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