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Via Giorgio Vasari, 1, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +978798
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City : Milano
Description : Chic, creative trattoria known for seasonal ingredients & signature tripe & bone marrow dishes.

Via Giorgio Vasari, 1, 20135 Milano MI, Italy
Anja Jurse on Google

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We visited Trippa because of a recommendation of a friend. It’s a small and usually full restaurant, but we were lucky to get the table in few minutes. The staff was really friendly, they have a huge selection of wines (you can try and choose the one you like) and the food was really good.
JArt0 on Google

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Very easy-going atmosphere and service. Classic food made with a twist and special chef's vision. Definitely make a reservation.
Rosh on Google

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We came here one evening on the recommendation of a friend. I had a wonderful experience, the furnishings and aesthetic are really well put together, and the staff are very friendly (and very good at up-selling :P). The three of us shared 5 dishes between us. To begin with we had the vitello tonnato - thin slices of veal covered in a creamy sauce that has been flavoured with tuna. The combination was wonderful and I will definitely be having this piemontese dish again! Next we had the trippa fritta - fried tripe, another dish I had never had before and will make sure I encounter again. The dish was crisp to bite yet soft to chew and reminded me of pork scratchings. The next dish I can't remember the exact name of, it was a special if I recall correctly, it had elements of pollo calciatori (basically chicken wings) in a pasta dish. It was delicate yet packed a punch. Next up was the trippa of the day (tripe of the day) which was a different gustatory experience to the fried counterpart, the stomach was nice and tender. Finally, the main star of the show - the bone marrow, probably the only dish we had that night that I've had before, and it was simply superb!! Seasoned just right with salt pepper and rosemary, I will most definitely be returning to have this dish again. If I could give this restaurant 6/5 I would, not only was the food beyond my expectations, the service is one of the best I've experienced in my time in Milan, never did we have to ask for more water, more bread, or had to wait for the next dish to come. The waiting staff were as friendly as they come, and with a direct view into the kitchen I could tell that the team really gets along with one another and have a passion for the food they're crafting and serving. TL;DR : I highly recommend this restaurant, you will not be disappointed - just make sure to make a reservation way in advance (or if covid rules still apply - reservations open at 12 pm for the day after, and is often fully booked very quickly).
Alan on Google

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An outstanding restaurant specializing in offal, all accomplished only using fairly simple flavors and techniques. It’s said that no more than four ingredients are used for each dish. Menu changes frequently based on availability. The Veal head salad is a simple salad using three ingredients mixed throughly with an oil sauce, but truly delicious. The head tastes like a softer and fattier tendon, which is generously paired with spinach leaves and some chunks of sweet melon. The combination is delicious, not harmoniously so but each play a vital part. The daily trippa is a bouillabaisse of offals from veal, consisting of many parts of tripe. It’s a gala of textures, but at the same time everything is stewed to its most tender and soft form. The bone marrow was fairly basic, salted and peppered with some touches of rosemary. Tiramisu was alright.
erin rackelman on Google

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This dinner was an utter dream. I don’t want to go into all the details, because I want you to discover them for yourself. Charming interior and even more charming staff. I couldn’t stop smiling! *Note: I don’t eat much meat, much less offal. Trippa still felt like it was all just for me.
Christopher Sprecher on Google

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One of the best meals in my life, and that is not something I personally say easily. Well worth getting up in the middle of the night to snag a reservation. The staff were super helpful, all fluent in English (but were happy to let me practice what Italian I could). The host offered recommendations which seemed both heartfelt and honest from his own eating experiences there, and I was not disappointed. The vitello tonnato was the best I've ever had, the tripe in parmesan sauce an exaltation of humble ingredients, the warmed panettone with what seemed like a clementine or mandarin cream at the end of the meal fantastic. They have a mystery glass of wine you can get for 5 € - again, not disappointed by the very good Bordeaux I ended up being served. At the end, some amaro as a digestif. The atmosphere inside was convivial and friendly; if you come alone as I did, you'll probably sit at the bar and get a great view into how the kitchen works - you can sense they really are a team united behind the chef. I cannot wait to come back to Milan and come back to this restaurant - an absolute MUST!
Ondrej on Google

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The hype around this restaurant has a very good reason - Absolutely delicious food! The two of us tried to taste as many dishes as possible from the daily menu and had no problem finishing a total of seven. Tartar, flavorful and well minced. Fried tripe showed great frying technique, almost like tempura in Japan. Vitello tonnato blew us away, sooo good! The tripe of the day with spicy Nduja was another highlight. NoteworthyΒ for the faint hearted, the offal funk is kept quite low, so go for it! Pasta dishes were both immaculate and we finished the dinner with roasted bone marrows which were the best I ever had. Wine list is decent, with many macerated/orange wine choices, but also some more traditional choices like our Barolo by Trediberri and a Barbaresco by Marcarini. Mark ups are very friendly as far as I checked. The staff is lovely and add to the welcoming atmosphere. Could be my go-to eatery when in town!
Sally Edwards on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Highly recommended! Atmosphere, service and food all outstanding. Bookings essential. We got in by adding our names to the wait list.

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