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Via Pietro Paleocapa, 8, 24022 Alzano Lombardo BG, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +989
Postal code : 24022
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City : Alzano Lombardo

Via Pietro Paleocapa, 8, 24022 Alzano Lombardo BG, Italy
Luca Filimberti on Google

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Ottimo parco vicino al centro di Alzano Lombardo. Piccolo parco giochi per bambini all'interno del grande parco con scivoli altalene E tutto quello che ci si aspetta per i piΓΉ piccoli. Tanto spazio per allenarsi correre e rilassarsi. Posto famoso anche per avere tre o piΓΉ campi da tennis molto frequentati. Unica nota dolente il parcheggio che soprattutto nel weekend costringe a numerosi giri intorno al parco x trovare posteggio..
Excellent park near the center of Alzano Lombardo. Small playground for children within the large park with slides and swings And all that is expected for the little ones. Plenty of space to train, run and relax. Also famous for having three or more popular tennis courts. The only sore point is the parking which, especially on weekends, forces you to make numerous laps around the park to find parking ..
Bartolomeo Cortesi on Google

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Al Parco Montecchio il mercoledì pomeriggio si balla il liscio. E le responsabili del Centro, Giuliana e Sara organizzano gite in pullman veramente interessanti in tutta l'alta Italia che permettono di istruirsi culturalmente e pure da un punto di vista della buona cucina. Appaganti sotto tanti punti di vista
At the Montecchio Park on Wednesday afternoons you can dance ballroom dancing. And the managers of the Center, Giuliana and Sara organize really interesting bus trips throughout northern Italy that allow you to educate yourself culturally and also from the point of view of good food. Satisfying from many points of view
Henry Okojie on Google

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Shehbaz Warsi on Google

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Claudio Bombardieri on Google

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Great library
Angelo Khatib on Google

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Nice place for running
Njomo Stephen on Google

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Beautiful place to take a walk
Edoardo Alberti on Google

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The park has been refurbished in the recent years with new games for kids and gym tools. Public library is also very well equipped. Little complaints are the waste of visitors that might prevent parents to let small kids run freely

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