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Via Vincenzo Foppa, 46, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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City : Milano

Via Vincenzo Foppa, 46, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
Roberto Marta on Google

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Dexter Morgan on Google

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vadlamudi saidharmic on Google

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This agency cheats so many people and some of my friends. I don't know why they do like this kind of things with the public. If they don't know how to manage industry please STOP.
Hussain Muneer on Google

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Just been there, met the casting selectors, they were quite kind; it's my passion that pull me like the gravity to be there.
The Official on Google

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Scammers, thieves, they ask for 1850€ if you want to be with them
E B on Google

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I got there, and was meet by a rather argumentive receptionst claiming that I had cancelled my appointment, which was not the case, as I had traveled far purposely to get to the appointment, and another client complaining that she had done a book, that she had been waiting months for. So it did not excactly leave me with the best first impression. Then I was met by a friendly agent, however i must add that prior to my casting I had asked clearly on the phone, if there is any costs required, and they told me no. The agent then went on telling me that I was lucky to get accepted by this big international agency, I just had to pay a book of 1000 EU. I then asked if I can use some of my photos, that have been taken by proffesional photografers, but appearently that didnt reach their standards, so unless you are willing to open your wallet, I wouldnt recommend this agency.
Eleonora Johnson on Google

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We had shooting in January, they were supposed to call us in February to give us book and start enrolling kids into casting. 5 months later every time we call they pretend they don't speak ( eventhough they present themself as international agency) English and nothing is happening. Seems like a BIG SCAM to me. Horrible interaction with clients, they only care about models till they get their money.. Their menager replies to everyone who has bad experience with them that they don't know who we are, well, sir, ma'm let me present myself- I am the person who gave you the money to find her a job! Saying that you don't know who we are explains a lot, we don't get any calls from you. Maybe hire someone for that money that we are paying to actually do the job and keeps the record of people who gave enormous amount of money for nothing?
Did you Know on Google

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They make appointments with models just to steal from them 1850€ for 5 days preparation, that’s rediculous, I’ve photos with another professional agency and they say that’s not enough…they are already taking 20% of the work that the mode gets with the clients so the model is such an investment why they have to let him pay 1850€ at the beginning? If they prepare him they will get benifit from him in the end … don’t go don’t waste your time

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