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Viale Monte Grappa, 6, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +999
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City : Milano
Description : Upscale Italian cuisine in an elegant dining room with exposed bricks & muted decor.

Viale Monte Grappa, 6, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
JΓ©rΓ΄me Godard on Google

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Good dishes with a nice touch of spiciness.
Mario Levratto on Google

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An intimate and elegant restaurant near Gae Aulenti square, very quiet and relaxing. The atmosphere makes you comfortable, then you receive menu list with selected and refined dishes: from entries to first and second courses, you may choose between pasta, rice, meat, fish always part of interesting recipes. Portions are apparently limited, but taste and cooking is so good that you feel fully satisfied. Yesterday I took fresh vegetables in pinzimonio (with oil) followed by an exquisite risotto with almonds, lemon and coffee, which I enthusiastically recommend. Coffee is good and served with small, delicious pastries. Personnel is kind and discreet. The dark green of the walls contributes to make the environment warm and welcoming. Prices are medium - high, but worth the experience. Excellent and wide selection of wines.
Felipe Brito on Google

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No doubts about this awesome restaurant. I had great moments there.
Bob on Google

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Fantastic. The quasi lasagna was outstanding. Service and other food were also great. Would return next time we are in Milan.
Oisin O'Connor on Google

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Great place beautiful food, made with love, the dessert platter was amazing
Jessica Patterson on Google

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Absolutely amazing. The black cod melts in my mouth and the service was outstanding. ?
Patrick Schoenemann on Google

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Very nice designed restaurant. The service was good. Good wine card. Unfortunately the quality of the plates varied. While the presentation of all the plates was great, the taste was often disappointing.
Louis Lz on Google

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Very disappointed, we went there a few weeks ago and decided to go for the tasting menu. We asked for some red wine as there is an option for 3 glasses of wine per person. The waitress told us that another waiter will come for the wine and the latter offered a red wine he chose himself, we were not surprised when he brought a bottle as 6 glasses of wine is the equivalent of a bottle. Needless to say that we were shocked when we saw the bill and more than 50€ for the wine. And water was also counted as a supplement even though it's included in the menu. We had to discuss for a few minutes before they agreed to make a gesture and divide the difference by two. Concerning the food itself, we were quite disappointed as well nothing was really bad but at that price in Italy you expect something good not just passable. The cotoletta was particularly distasteful. In fewer words, expensive for what it is and if you decide to eat there anyway make sure you check the bill...

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