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Str. Chiappana, 7, 20081 Abbiategrasso MI, Italy

Phone : πŸ“ž +99889
Postal code : 20081
Website : https://www.provolley.it/
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City : Abbiategrasso

Str. Chiappana, 7, 20081 Abbiategrasso MI, Italy
Flavio Gallozzi on Google

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Palestra grande e ben tenuta.
Gym large and well maintained.
SULY Sole on Google

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Puzzava di fogna, bagno inguardabile, controsoffitto cadente, la luce in intermittenza
It smelled of sewage, unwatchable bathroom, falling ceiling, intermittent light
Ivan C on Google

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Dalla tribuna non di vede nulla, campo da Volley decentrato e struttura obsoleta.
From the tribune you don't see anything, decentralized Volleyball court and obsolete structure.
loredana cannas on Google

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nei bagni femminili non farebbe sarebbe male mettere in cestino, o si chiede troppo?
in women's toilets wouldn't it hurt to put in the trash, or you ask too much?
Cristina Beretta on Google

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Palestra grande e ben strutturata... Unico neo...guardando le partite di pallavolo dagli spalti nn si vede molto bene il campo a causa della balaustra .
Large, well-structured gym ... The only drawback ... watching the volleyball games from the stands nn you can see the field very well because of the balustrade.
Stefania C. on Google

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Palazzetto grande, visuale del campo dagli spalti brutta, non avevano acceso le luci sulle scale e di sera non era il massimo
Large building, view of the field from the ugly stands, they had not turned on the lights on the stairs and in the evening it was not the best
Luca Pesci on Google

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Tre stelle sono giΓ  un regalo per questo luogo. Le tribune sarebbero da abbattere e ricostruire. I gradini su cui ci si siede, sono molto bassi e la balaustra che protegge dal vuoto sottostante Γ¨, ovviamente, alta. Risultato? Quando ti siedi non vedi quello che accade in campo. Terribile
Three stars are already a gift to this place. The stands would have to be demolished and rebuilt. The steps you sit on are very low and the balustrade that protects from the underlying void is obviously high. Result? When you sit down, you don't see what happens on the pitch. Terrible
Fabrizio Binaghi on Google

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La struttura Γ¨ ben tenuta. Il campo da gioco Γ¨ sufficientemente grande e si trova in posizione ribassata rispetto alle gradinate per il pubblico. Queste ultime, sono molto ampie, ma per la loro posizione rendono non ottimale la vista del campo da gioco: c'Γ¨ un parapetto che ostacola un po' la visuale.
The property is well maintained. The playing field is large enough and is located in a lower position with respect to the stands for the public. The latter are very large, but due to their position they make the view of the playing field not optimal: there is a parapet that obstructs the view a little.

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