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Viale Ponte Vecchio, 21, 26027 Rivolta d' Adda CR, Italy

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City : Rivolta d' Adda
Description : Walking trails take visitors through a forested park filled with lifelike dinosaur recreations.

Viale Ponte Vecchio, 21, 26027 Rivolta d' Adda CR, Italy
DΓΆngΓΆlΕ‘ Timea-Kinga on Google

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Good park, the dinosaurus are skatered on a very large a surface, too much walking between dinosaurus... Nice park, but i wouldn't visit it the second time.
Helleyne Agnellini on Google

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Lovely afternoon out with the kids today!! Absolutely gorgeous location and service, everyone was so lovely there, I have rarely met people so well trained in customer service! Would definetly recommend to anyone who has little dinosaur lovers to pop in and have an adventure!
M G on Google

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A nice parc in middle of the nature.
Irene Maria Bisetti on Google

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It's great for kids, definitely recommend it for families. There are 2 bars+toilets+playground( my almost 3 years old loved them), one at the start and one half way. There is a train that brings you around, we took it half way so it was only 3 euros as under 3 don't pay.
Agnese Lyne on Google

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This park is lovely for a long Spring walk with young kids, especially if they are dinosaurs crazy. The reproductions are good (although not perfect) and they are well spaced out. The bar served good food (although mainly fried) and the service is very fast. The playground is nice and has plenty of benches for the tired parents to sit on. The entry price is a little steep for the local market and it's a shame it does NOT include a ride on the little road train. Foreign families would not find this price that high. Finally, the maze is simple but great for younger children, who will not get lost even if they enter on their own. A nice addition.
Yousef H. Almubarak on Google

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Nice park. The area is huge and prepare for a lot of walk if you want to cover everything. It is not recommended to visit during winter as several activities are not accessible and not working. Free for kids below 3 and it cost 12 euros for adult and 9 for kids. Beside the dainasours exhibits, botanical garden, maze, lakes and kids playground are on site. Bring your own food if you are planning to stay for long.
David Clemson on Google

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Had a great day 4 hours walking around seeing all the dinosaurs and the live animals. Visited both bars, very friendly staff. Myself, my wife and our dog enjoyed ourselves.
Anastasia - Анастасия on Google

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What a great experience! I took my two children and they both enjoyed the park. We took the train and got off at the half way point. The train ride is about 10/15 minutes and takes you around the park. At the half way point, there is a big playground and children had so much fun. We took a walk, explored the stops along the way and had a blast finding our way through the labyrinth. The walk is a bit tiring for children, but you can find places to stop along the way to take a break. You can also find a botanical garden, a small museum and restaurants/bar.

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